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NeuroVirt harnesses the power of Immersive Virtual Reality to gamify and quantify motion rehabilitation and recovery.

Our unique offering includes higher quality movement rehabilitation through AI-powered games and detailed assessments.

Recovery through play

Combining prowess and passion, NeuroVirt uniquely controls the quality of movement in real-time. We provide high intensity and high dose rehabilitation while motivating patients to adhere to their exercises and improve recovery efficiency. We have revolutionised the rehabilitation process into an interactive experience that is immersive and engaging. Studies have shown that Neurovirt is straightforward to use and can help to deliver faster positive outcomes within recovery with the right exposure to our interactive intensive rehabilitation. These studies have shown that with access to this treatment patients can take bigger steps to regaining independence and functional movement more quickly than they would traditional methods of rehabilitation.

Data transparency through monitoring system

The NeuroVirt web app provides clinicians with proven, highly detailed and clinically meaningful movement data, designed to eliminate inter- and intra-rater variability. With Neurovirt, clinicians have the opportunity to prescribe bespoke treatment plans specific to the needs of each patient. The technology allows for improved telerehabilitation and remote monitoring to reinforce positive movements and effectively track progress.

In Clinic or at Home Rehabilitation

The technology has been co-designed by running trials with upper-limb impaired patients, in collaboration with clinical partners and expert academics in the field. 

Designed to provide an affordable, flexible one-stop shop solution, NeuroVirt technology can be adapted for use within a clinic or as an individualised telerehabilitation tool for an intensive rehabilitation program, providing access to the required intensity and duration of therapy at home. Although patients may conduct some treatment from the comfort of their own home, the unique flagging system within our technology allows clinicians to reach out to patients as and when required. 

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